• 2021.0127
    In September 2020, Thomas Piggott published an article in the Journal of Clinical Epidemiology entitled “Supporting effective participation in health guideline development groups: The Guideline Participant Tool” (https://www.jclinepi.com/article/S0895-4356(20)31100-8/fulltext). Effective participation in guideline development groups or development groups is crucial for guideline success, yet little guidance exists for members of these groups. The article pointed out that the Guideline Participant Tool (GPT) support effective participation in guideline groups, in particular those using the Grading of Recommendations, Assessment, Development, and Evaluation (GRADE) approach.
  • 2020.1021
    September 30, 2020, a review article entitled Developing trustworthy recommendations as part of an urgent response (1-2 weeks): a GRADE concept paper GRADE Rapid Guidelines project group was published in the Journal of Clinical Epidemiology. This article drafted by the GRADE Rapid Guidelines project group and proposed an approach for developing trustworthy recommendations as part of urgent responses (1-2 weeks) in the clinical, public health, and health systems fields.
  • 2020.1019
    Cochrane, JBI, Campbell Collaboration and Guidelines International Network announced the host of the Global Evidence Summit (GES) 2021 is the Czech National Centre for Evidence-Based Healthcare and Knowledge Translation (CEBHCKT).
  • 2020.0305
    The conference theme will address the important issue of Making Health Choices Transparent, Equitable and Efficient. The conference will explore this across a range of important perspectives, including strengthening global guideline quality, technology, collaboration and adaptation.The conference is being hosted by McMaster University, and will be held at the Westin Harbour Castle Hotel and Conven
  • 2019.0217
    ‍‍The conference theme isTrustworthy Evidence For Questions That Matter - The value of guidelines in 21st century healthcare,and will be relevant to all health care professionals and anyone with an interest in addressing evidence-practice gaps by promoting best practice and improving the quality and safety of health care. And this isthe first Guidelines-International-Network (G-I-N) conference i
  • 2017.0320
    In his opening remarks to an international symposium on guideline development, Prof. YinDakui, former Chinese Vice Minister of Health and now president of the Chinese Association of Medical Doctors, stated that “all medical practitioners in China should learn about and apply high quality evidence-based guidelines to practice in order to make contributions to the health of people in China as well as the world”
  • 2017.0320
    The 2016 G-I-NConference theme “Individualised Guidelines and Clinical PerformanceMeasurement in an Era of Personalised Medicine” addresses many important issuesthat payers, providers, and policy makers are currently struggling to addressin an effort to improve patient care and outcomes. With growing national andinternational interest in precision medicine, and the recognition of theimportance o
  • 2017.0320
    The 24th Cochrane Colloquium will be hold in seoul, South Korea. This Colloquium is a unique event forsharing knowledge, experience, and information about Cochrane’s activities, andfor addressing the common challenges that face evidence producers more broadly.Most importantly the Colloquium is a lively event, providing ampleopportunities for interacting with friends and colleagues, learning about