• 2021.0331

    In January 2021,Runsheng Xie published an article in Pharmacological Research entitled The RIGHT Extension Statement for Traditional Chinese Medicine: Development, Recommendations, and Explanation. Nowadays, the number of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) guidelines is constantly increasing, but its reporting quality remains unsatisfactory. The group hopes that the RIGHT-TCM may assist TCM guideline developers in reporting guidelines, support journal editors and peer reviewers when considering TCM guideline reports, and help health care practitioners understand and implement a TCM guideline.

  • 2021.0319

    Registration is a way for researchers to provide key features from their protocol and results which are recorded and published progressively through an online and open platform. In 2007, the International Clinical Trial Registry Platform (ICTRP) based at the World Health Organization (WHO) was established, enabling the full implementation of the clinical trial registry. In 2011, an International Prospective Register of Systematic Reviews (PROSPERO) was developed, so that registration of systematic reviews/Meta-analysis was gradually recognized and applied. Compared with the clinical trials and systematic reviews, clinical practice guidelines (CPGs) are important guidance documents for medical practice. However, prospective registration for CPGs has become relatively late with lacking attention for its importance and significance. The concept, methods and approaches of registration for CPGs have also not been fully discussed by researchers, guideline developers and journal editors for a long time.

  • 2021.0315

    In March 7, 2021, Tanja A Stamm, et al published an article entitled “The methodological quality is insufficient in clinical practice guidelines in the context of COVID-19: systematic review” in the Journal of Clinical Epidemiology. This study systematic searched clinical practice guidelines or recommendations related to Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), and assessed their methodological quality by using the Appraisal of Guidelines for Research and Evaluation II (AGREE II) tool.

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  • 2021.0413
    The drug options available to children is far from meeting realistic needs at present. Based on the situation, off-label use of drugs(OL) will be a prominent global public health problem for pediatrics for a long time. Guidelines play an important role in clinical practice decisions, but there are no guidelines for OL for pediatrics currently. Our aim is to develop a management guideline to regulate the use of OL in pediatric clinical practice.
  • 2021.0409
    This experts consensus aim to solve the clinical problems related to the diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of liver abscess in emergency department.
  • 2021.0407
    中心静脉导管(Central Venous Catheter, CVC)是指经锁骨下静脉、颈内静脉、股静脉置入,尖端位于上腔静脉或下腔静脉的导管。CVC为危重症患者及慢病患者提供了安全的血管通路,被国内外广泛应用于静脉给药、补液、进行肠外营养、监测血流动力学状况等领域。虽然CVC的作用巨大,但维护不当,会不可避免发生相关并发症,如导管相关性血流感染、静脉血栓、导管堵塞等。其中,导管堵塞是CVC应用过程中较为常见的并发症之一,发生率约为25%~38%。一旦发生了导管堵塞,则需要进行导管内溶栓、拔管或者重新置管,不仅会导致治疗的中断,增加患者住院时间和医疗费用,还会影响患者预后,增加病死率,加重社会医疗负担。近年来,为有效避免CVC使用过程导管堵塞的发生,相关研究领域积累了较多的临床证据。已有研究证实,在CVC的日常管理中,冲封管是延长导管使用寿命、减少相关并发症的关键环节,但是临床中如何选择合适的封管液,进行有效的冲封管仍然存在诸多争议,而现有的规范/标准尚且不能完全满足临床需要。本文立足于临床中封管液的应用情况,由多学科专家于2020年成立专家组,结合国内外最新研究进展和相关指南共识,经过多次工作会议,共同探讨制定本共识,以期为临床工作中选择合适的封管液,进行有效的冲封管提供决策依据。
Registration process and operational mode of a CPG registry