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Guidelines Registration number Registration time
Consensus of Chinese experts on diagnosis and treatment of spontaneous abortion IPGRP-2020CN140 2020-09-24
Chinese expert consensus on diagnosis and management of precancerous conditions and lesions of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma IPGRP-2020CN139 2020-09-23
Evidence-based Clinical Practice Guideline: Food Allergy in Children IPGRP-2020CN138 2020-09-22
Guidelines for integrative Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine psychological rehabilitation intervention for stage I-III colorectal cancer after radical surgery IPGRP-2020CN137 2020-09-19
Guidelines for perinatal resuscitation and in-hospital transport of premature infants IPGRP-2020CN135 2020-09-18
Guideline for Enhanced Recovery after Surgery of Colorectal Cancer with Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine IPGRP-2020CN134 2020-09-16
Chinese expert consensus on respiratory rehabilitation and health management of chronic respiratory diseases IPGRP-2020CN128 2020-09-14
Chinese Guideline on the Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease IPGRP-2020EN081 2020-09-11
√Guidelines of ankylosing spondylitis biomarkers IPGRP-2020EN080 2020-09-11
Guidelines of Gout biomarkers IPGRP-2020EN079 2020-09-11