Clinical Practice Guideline for Cutaneous Adverse Drug Reaction in China

Title: Clinical Practice Guideline for Cutaneous Adverse Drug Reaction in China
Edition: Original
Classification: Standard guideline
Field: Comprehensive guideline
Countries and regions: China
Guidelines users: This guideline is intended for use by dermatologists and allergists specializing in cutaneous adverse drug reaction across various levels of healthcare institutions in China.
Evidence classification method: This guideline adopts the GRADE method to evaluate the quality of evidence for each clinical issue, categorizing it into four levels: high, moderate, low, and very low. Recommendations are classified into two levels of strength: strong and weak.
Development unit: Huashan Hospital of Fudan University; Hospital for Skin Diseases of Shandong First Medical University
Registration time: 2024-04-09
Registration number: PREPARE-2024CN515
Purpose of the guideline: Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs) are instructive documents that provide guidance on optimal diagnostic and therapeutic strategies based on the current best available evidence, with clear delineation of evidence quality and recommendation strength, aiming to enhance patient's health care. In recent years, there has been a continual emergence of clinical research and interdisciplinary treatment evidence concerning drug eruptions, particularly evidence based on Chinese population, which will contribute significantly to standardizing clinical practices for drug eruptions in China. However, currently, there is a lack of clinical practice guidelines regarding clinical assessment, treatment regimens, and follow-up management for drug eruptions in China. To address this gap and to elevate the diagnostic and therapeutic standards for drug eruptions, with the support of the Chinese Society of Dermatology and the Chinese Society of Allergy, and organized by Huashan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University and the Dermatology Hospital of Shandong First Medical University, the development of the "Clinical Practice Guidelines for Drug-Induced Dermatitis in China (2024)" has been initiated.