Guidelines for Robot-Assisted Cervical Spine Surgery

Title: Guidelines for Robot-Assisted Cervical Spine Surgery
Edition: Original
Classification: Standard guideline
Field: Treatment
Countries and regions: China
Guidelines users: The population of users is intended for healthcare workers (including clinical physicians, nurses, etc.) who perform and participate in robot-assisted cervical spine surgery.
Evidence classification method: Methodological quality evaluation of primary evidence: AMSTAR (A Measure Tool to Assess Systematic Reviews) was used for the included systematic reviews/Meta-analyses; AGREE-China were used for the guidelines; randomized controlled studies ( RCT) were evaluated using the Modified Jadad Scale, non-randomised controlled studies were evaluated using the MINORS, and observation studies were evaluated using the Newcastle-Ottawa Scale (NOS).The quality of evidence was evaluated using the GRADE tool. The evaluation was done independently by 2 people, and a third researcher participated in the discussion and reached consensus when there was disagreement.
Development unit: National Center for Orthopedics-Beijing Jishuitan Hospital
Registration time: 2023-06-07
Registration number: PREPARE-2023CN378
Purpose of the guideline: To guide and standardize the application of robot-assisted navigation durging cervical spine surgery and improve the safety and accuracy of robot-assisted navigation.