标题: NICU新生儿压力性损伤评估与预防指南
title: Assessment and Prevention of Pressure Ulcer/Injure in NICU Clinical Practice Guideline
版本: 原创版
version: Original
分类: 标准指南
classification: Standard guideline
领域: 预防
field: Prevention
国家和地区: 中国
Country and region: China
指南使用者: 使用人群为各等级医院从事NICU相关工作的临床护理人员、医师、相关教学、科研工作人员
Guide users: The population is clinical nursing staff, physicians, relevant teaching and research staff engaged in NICU-related work in hospitals of all levels
证据分级方法: GRADE证据分级系统
Evidence grading method: GRADE evidence grading system
制定单位: 甘肃省人民医院,兰州大学
Formulating unit: Gansu Province Hospital,Lanzhou University
注册时间: 2022-11-22
Registration time:
注册编号: PREPARE-2022CN760
Registration number:
指南制订的目的: 为NICU新生儿压力性损伤的评估和预防临床决策提供循证依据
Purpose of the guideline: Providing an evidence-based basis for clinical decision making in the assessment and prevention of pressure injuries in NICU neonates