2023 Fondaparinux Pharmaceutical Practice Guideline

Title: 2023 Fondaparinux Pharmaceutical Practice Guideline
Edition: Original
Classification: Standard guideline
Field: Treatment
Countries and regions: China
Guidelines users: Medicine and clinical pharmacy
Evidence classification method: GRADE classification system
Development unit: Clinical Pharmacy Branch of Chinese Medical Association;Sichuan Academy of Medical Sciences & Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital
Registration time: 2023-12-13
Registration number: PREPARE-2022CN750
Purpose of the guideline: Thromboembolic disease is a kind of disease with high mortality and serious harm to human health. Anticoagulant therapy is the main treatment for thromboembolic disease. As a parenteral anticoagulant, fondaparinux sodium has caused many problems for medical workers due to the differences in indications at home and abroad and the lack of understanding of its application. There are irrational drug use and drug use beyond the instructions in clinical practice. Therefore, it is particularly important to strengthen the rational use of fondaparinux sodium.