Chinese Clinical Practice Guideline of Auditory Neuropathy (Version 2022)

Title: Chinese Clinical Practice Guideline of Auditory Neuropathy (Version 2022)
Edition: Original
Classification: Standard guideline
Field: Comprehensive guideline
Countries and regions: China
Guidelines users: Clinician in Otolaryngology, audiologists and staff engaged in related rehabilitation and genetic counseling
Evidence classification method: NA
Development unit: 中国听神经病临床诊断与干预多中心研究协作组、中华耳鼻咽喉头颈外科杂志编辑委员会、中华医学会耳鼻咽喉头颈外科分会耳科学组、国际耳内科医师协会中国分会、中国医疗保健国际交流促进会耳内科学分会
Registration time: 2022-01-10
Registration number: IPGRP-2022CN022
Purpose of the guideline: The understanding of auditory neuropathy by domestic and foreign scholars has gone through a new stage of clinical feature analysis, audiological diagnosis and differential diagnosis, electrophysiological testing and psychoacoustic testing, genetic and metabolic mechanism research, and gradually entering a new stage of accurate evaluation and treatment for more than 20 years. Before the discovery of auditory neuropathy, early assessment and management methods for neonatal sensorineural hearing loss have been established at home and abroad, but they cannot fully meet the specific needs of the diagnosis and identification of infant auditory neuropathy. Evaluation and management guidelines continue to emerge and gradually improve. However, it can also be seen that the existing international guidelines are mainly aimed at the assessment and management of auditory neuropathy in infants and young children, and there are no guidelines for the assessment, diagnosis, intervention and management of auditory neuropathy in adolescents and adults. As early as in 2007, Chinese scholars released a draft discussion on the clinical diagnosis and treatment of auditory neuropathy at the first "National Auditorial Neuropathy Expert Forum". Comprehensive practice guidelines for the treatment of medical diagnosis and treatment, especially the lack of evaluation and intervention guidelines for children (4-12 years old), adolescents and adults with auditory neuropathy, lack of combination etiology (gene, immune, virus, etc.), imaging, localization and classification, A practical guide to the analysis of natural history and intervention effects. More importantly, due to the different national conditions and patient characteristics of each country, the guidelines formulated by each country are mainly based on their own medical practices. Although they can be used for reference, they cannot be copied or copied. Compliance with clinical practice guidelines. Based on the research progress of auditory neuropathy at home and abroad and the results of clinical practice in China, the "International Summit Forum on the Progress and Guidelines of Auditory Neuropathy" was hosted by Chinese PLA General Hospital, inviting more than 200 experts and scholars from 2016 to 2020, and formulating the "Chinese Auditory Neuropathy Clinical Practice Guidelines" suitable for Chinese medical conditions and characteristics. This guideline aims to reflect the research in our country in the aspects of consistency of disease diagnosis, standardization of operating procedures, classification of disease subtypes, classification of lesions, accurate genetic diagnosis, individualized intervention and natural history follow-up. To establish and improve the clinical practice guidelines for Chinese auditory neuropathy in line with our country's medical conditions.