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Construction of patient guidelines of refractory epileptic children with ketogenic diet during initial treatment IPGRP-2021CN300 2021-09-16
Guide for diagnosis and treatment of adenomyosis with combination of traditional Chinese and Western Medicine IPGRP-2021CN299 2021-09-15
Establishment of the regulatory science system for supervising the application of artificial intelligence in Traditional Chinese Medicine: A protocol for developing the guideline IPGRP-2021CN297 2021-09-15
Guidelines for diagnosis, treatment and management of urea cycle disorders in China in 2022 IPGRP-2021CN295 2021-09-13
Clinical guidelines of osteotomy for alignment correction in the treatment of knee osteoarthritis IPGRP-2021CN298 2021-09-13
Expert consensus on the clinical application of dynamic cerebral autoregulation assessment in neurological diseases (2021) IPGRP-2021CN294 2021-09-08
Chinese Medicine HealthHealth Management of Intracerebral Hemorrhage IPGRP-2021CN293 2021-09-01
Guidelines for traditional Chinese medicine health management of cerebral infarction IPGRP-2021CN290 2021-09-01
Guidelines for diagnosis and treatment of rhabdomyosarcoma in children and adolescents IPGRP-2021CN289 2021-08-31
Clinical Practice Guidelines for Acute Chest Pain Care IPGRP-2021CN288 2021-08-31