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Expert consensus on the treatment of cancer-related fatigue in Chinese medicine. IPGRP-2021CN239 2021-07-25
Chinese experts consensus on Intense pulsed light treatment in dry eye disease IPGRP-2021CN238 2021-07-21
Guidelines for the management of foregin body in the digestive tract of Children in China IPGRP-2021CN217 2021-07-19
Expert consensus on the interhospital transport of critically ill patients IPGRP-2021CN196 2021-07-16
Guidelines for the evaluation of drug catalogues in medical institutions in China IPGRP-2021CN195 2021-07-16
Expert consensus on transcranial magnetic stimulation for children with cerebral palsy IPGRP-2021CN194 2021-07-13
Guidelines for traditional Chinese medicine health management of stable angina pectoris IPGRP-2021CN192 2021-07-12
Guidelines for the diagnosis and clinical treatment of hemifacial atrophy(Parry-Romberg Syndrome) IPGRP-2021CN063 2021-07-11
Clinical practice guideline for diagnosis and treatment of hyperplasia of the mammary glands: Chinese Society of Breast Surgery practice guidelines 2021 IPGRP-2021CN191 2021-07-10
Percutaneous Transhepatic Papillary Balloon Dilation for Common Bile Duct Stones: Chinese Expert Consensus IPGRP-2021CN190 2021-07-09