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Guideline for Enhanced Recovery after Surgery of Colorectal Cancer with Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine IPGRP-2020CN134 2020-09-16
Chinese expert consensus on respiratory rehabilitation and health management of chronic respiratory diseases IPGRP-2020CN128 2020-09-14
Chinese Guideline on the Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease IPGRP-2020EN081 2020-09-11
√Guidelines of ankylosing spondylitis biomarkers IPGRP-2020EN080 2020-09-11
Guidelines of Gout biomarkers IPGRP-2020EN079 2020-09-11
√Assessment and Management of Antinuclear Antibodies positive population IPGRP-2020EN045 2020-09-11
Clinical guideline on topical growth factors for skin wounds IPGRP-2020CN127 2020-09-10
Evidence-based nursing expert consensus on adult bedside ultrasound IPGRP-2020CN126 2020-09-09
Guidelines for diagnosis and treatment of rheumatoid arthritis with integrated traditional Chinese and Western Medicine IPGRP-2020CN125 2020-09-09
Guidelines on multidisciplinary approaches for the prevention and management of diabetic foot disease (2020 edition) IPGRP-2020CN124 2020-09-09