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Clinical application guideline for the use of integrated Chinese and Western therapy in prevention and treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease PREPARE-2023CN387 2023-06-08
Emergency experts consensus on acute liver injury in adults PREPARE-2023CN391 2023-06-07
Guideline for diagnosis, prophylaxis and treatment of invasive fungal infection post burn injury in China(2023) PREPARE-2023CN392 2023-06-07
Expert Consensus on long-term medication management for solid organ transplant recipients PREPARE-2023CN384 2023-06-07
International Clinical Practice Guidelines for Diagnosing & Treating Biliary Atresia PREPARE-2023CN369 2023-06-07
Guidelines for Robot-Assisted Cervical Spine Surgery PREPARE-2023CN378 2023-06-07
Expert consensus on integrated diagnosis and treatment of traditional Chinese and Western medicine for elderly knee osteoarthritis in the early and middle stages PREPARE-2023CN386 2023-06-06
Guideline of rehabilitation practice for patients with long-COVID syndrome PREPARE-2023CN377 2023-06-04
National consensus on surgical management strategies for esophageal stenosis in childrenin China PREPARE-2023CN376 2023-06-03
Expert Consensus on clinical genetic counseling for preimplantation genetic testing PREPARE-2023CN375 2023-06-02