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Guideline of Diagnosis and Management of Neonatal Stroke IPGRP-2020CN189 2020-11-26
Guidelines for clinical prevention and treatment of neonatal ventilator-associated pneumonia IPGRP-2020CN188 2020-11-26
CTS/CACP clinical guideline for adult COVID-19 patients IPGRP-2020CN187 2020-11-25
Guidelines for the prevention and management of perioperative infection in China IPGRP-2020CN186 2020-11-25
Guideline for management of flexible bronchoscopy in neonates IPGRP-2020CN185 2020-11-24
Standardization clinical management practices of neonatal invasive blood pressure monitoring IPGRP-2020CN184 2020-11-23
Standardization clinical management of neonatal vascular access IPGRP-2020CN183 2020-11-23
Diagnosis and treatment of adolescents with Cam type injury IPGRP-2020CN182 2020-11-17
Practice Guide for Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment of Neonatal Pulmonary Hemorrhage IPGRP-2020CN181 2020-11-16
Expert consensus on the application of colon cancer staging recognition system based on artificial intelligence platform (2021 edition) IPGRP-2020CN180 2020-11-16