• 2023.0306

    The Development of Reporting Guideline of clinical Practice Guidelines in General Practice provides detailed guidance for the makers and writers of the general practice guidelines, which will further improve the reporting quality of the general practice guidelines, especially the Chinese general practice guidelines, and promote the application in general medical practice, thus finally improving the quality of primary medical care.

  • 2023.0220

    Professor Gordon Guyatt of McMaster University and Professor Victor Montori of the Mayo Clinic jointly published a paper in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) entitled: Guidelines should consider clinicians' time needed to treat on January 3, 2023.

  • 2022.1126

    IGEST is a generic tool for screening guidelines for any specialty, target population, and healthcare organization, but it is intended only as a screening tool, primarily for quickly assessing guideline quality and determining whether they can be adopted or adapted in other settings, and is not a substitute for some of the more complex guideline quality evaluation tools.

  • 2022.1031

    In July 2022, Jose F. Meneses-Echavez et al. from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health published an article in the Journal of Clinical Epidemiology entitled "Evidence to decision frameworks enabled structured and explicit development of healthcare recommendations". The aim of this study was to identify and describe the processes suggested for the formulation of healthcare recommendations in healthcare guidelines available in guidance documents.

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  • 2024.0717
    The incidence of neonatal mitochondrial disease is low, the clinical manifestations lack specificity, and it is easy to be misdiagnosed and missed diagnosis. Although many cases of neonatal mitochondrial disease have been reported at home and abroad, there is no consensus or guideline on the diagnosis and treatment of the disease. The purpose of developing this consensus is to further standardize the diagnosis and treatment of neonatal mitochondrial diseases.
  • 2024.0716
    This study will define the terms and definitions of traditional Chinese and Western medicine for uterine myadenosis, and propose diagnostic criteria for traditional Chinese and Western medicine, as well as the classification of Western medicine and syndrome differentiation in Chinese medicine. Combined with the different clinical manifestations of uterine myadenosis, the treatment plan of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine suitable for clinical practice and life regulation were formulated, so as to provide a standardized reference for the diagnosis and treatment of uterine myadenosis with integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine.
  • 2024.0716
    The purpose of this guideline is to promote and improve the early standardized screening and scientific management of primary osteoporosis in the elderly population in China. It aims to identify reduced bone mass and osteoporosis at an early stage through early screening, effectively delaying the progression of the disease and reducing the risk of fractures, disability, and mortality among the elderly.
  • 2024.0716
    Based on the existing research evidence and my country's clinical practice experience, this consensus expert group proposes a standardized process for the diagnosis and treatment of RET altered thyroid, including molecular testing populations, testing timing, testing methods, treatment options, and adverse reaction management, with a view to providing Clinicians provide guidance.
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